Amaco Velvet Undeglaze Beige
Amaco Velvet Undeglaze Beige

Amaco Velvet Undeglaze Beige


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AMACO Ivory Beige Velvet Underglaze is a nice cream colour that is very light at cone 05. This cream colour warms up a little bit at cone 5, but burns out almost completely at cone 10.

Saturated colour, dependability, and versatility make AMACO Velvets as popular for professionals as they are for children. Velvets fire true-to-colour as a Cone 05/06 underglaze or fired to Cone 6. Some colours remain true as high as Cone 10.

Try two finish possibilities: When left unglazed these colours have the rich textural appearance of velvet; when covered with Clear Transparent Matte or Clear Gloss they intensify in colour. Can be easily applied to wet clay, greenware, or mature Cone 04 bisque (1077c).

Saturated colour
Apply to unfired clay or bisque
True to colour
Can be used with or without glaze- Food Safe with proper glaze
Cone 05 to 10

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