Fluted Vase - Oat Milk

Fluted Vase - Oat Milk


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Wheel Thrown & Carved Stoneware Vase made in Geelong, Victoria.

Height: 12cm
Diameter: 6cm
(Dimensions may vary very slightly between pieces received)

This vase is first wheel thrown - allowed to partially dry and then carved. Glazed in our studio "Oat Milk" glaze then fired in an oxidation atmosphere. The clay is a mixture of stoneware clay bodies that give each piece a unique quality while staying uniform in. size and shape.

Each vase is handmade so there will be slight differences between those pictured and those received—please be assured that the item received will look almost identical to the item/s pictured.

This vase is dishwasher safe although recommend washing by hand as care with all hand made ceramics is the best option.

Please remember, that this piece like every ceramic item produced in our studio is  not mass produced and every piece is completely made by hand in our geelong studio. 

* Please do not expose your ceramics to thermo shock - Hot to Cold or Cold to Hot. These dramatic changes in temperature will cause damage to any hand made ceramic items.