Friday 2nd July Casual Wheel Time

Friday 2nd July Casual Wheel Time

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Casual wheel time is a 2 hour block of time that you are able to use the pottery wheels at Clay Commune.

Only people who are currently completing workshops at Clay Commune are able to use this service.


How Does It Work

  1. Make your booking time online. ( there are only a specific number of spaces available at any one time so booking your time is essential ) 
  2. Turn up 5 minutes before your allotted time and sign in and get yourself ready
  3. You will be provided with a small bucket and loan tools if you do not have your own. These will need to be returned after your time has finished.
  4. Once your allotted time has started your able to use the wheel/wedging tables etc and your right to go.
  5. Make your stuff - have fun!
  6. 10 minutes before your time finishes you will be required to clean the wheel / tools etc - the area must be left clean or as you found it.
You will need to bring a towel/hand towel as well as a storage box for your items. 


    What do I Get

    1. 2 hours on one of the pottery wheels in the studio - the last 5-10 minutes of the 2 hours must be spent cleaning the area used - the area must be left as you found it.
    2. Use of the wedging table.
    3. Use/loan of the pottery tools - these must be returned ( cleaned ) 
    4. Use of the stack rack to store your completed items whilst you are there ( your items must be taken with you unless you have made other arrangements with us. )
    5. Clay is not provided but is available.


    Conditions & Requirements 
    • Be aware that there is no tuition whatsoever in the allotted time. If you would like tuition or assistance you would be better suited to join one of the wheel throwing workshops.
    • Please ensure that you check over the times and the dates carefully. The time & date that you purchase is the only time and date that will be made available. - we do not offer partial or full refunds for any reason.
    • Please be prepared for your time. Please bring a towel and there is no question that the clothes that you wear on the day will get messy!
    • The last 5-10 minutes of your time is to be spent finalising your items and cleaning the wheels and tools etc. The wheels must be left in the same sate as you find them every time.
    • The studio is fully fitted out with heating and cooling and tea & coffee are available.
    • The space is to be used for individuals use only. There are no classes/workshops that will be run at this time by any party
    • We ask that you respect each others space - please do not touch or move anyones work unless permission is given.
    • We advise that the retails space is open to others at this time.
    • Any anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and any person who is behaving poorly will be asked to leave immediately.

      We strongly recommend that you invest in suitable items to ensure that your goods are well kept after you make them and to keep them safe when you take these home with you on the day. The items that you will need are 

      1. Box/container to store/transport your goods
      2. Wooden Bats-Tiles to place your items on for transport. ( Clay Commune sell these in varying sizes ) 


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Can I bring my own clay & Tools? - Yes. Most people do bring/purchase there own clay and tools as pottery tools are very much a personal choice of the individual artist. However if you dont have any - we have everything you need and we sell clay in small batches as well.

      What if I want more than the 2 hours? - As long as there is no other bookings waiting for your place you are able to continue - Just advise staff of this.

      What do I do if I need more Clay? - Just advise staff that you would like to purchase some more clay - It is sold by the Kilo or by the bag. If you purchase by the Kilo you will get the studio stoneware - if you purchase by the bag you can choose from the vast range of clays available , when your done we ask that you take your unused clay with you. 

      Are there toilets/change rooms at the studio? - Yes

      Can I bring someone to watch me? - No  

      Is parking available? - Yes there is loads of parking available 

      Can I fire my work at Clay Commune? - Yes - but only if you are completing a term  workshop at Clay Commune. 

      What do I do with my work once I finish it? - There is a stack rack in the studio for you to store your work while you are there for the 2 hours. This is a communal rack with 6 shelves - Pick a shelf and use it for your work while you  are there.  All work is to be removed when your allowed time is used.  

       Are there towels & aprons available? - No - we advise that you bring your own.