Glaze Makers Thursday Nights 22nd July

Glaze Makers Thursday Nights 22nd July

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This is not a workshop - this event is for those who are competent in making glaze.

Participants need to know what glazes they are wanting to make - we do not provide glaze recipes. 

Please be advised that you can only attend the Thursday nights glazing workshops if you have completed the Introduction to Glazing Workshop.

The glaze making area is upstairs and starts at 6.00pm and runs through to 8.00pm.

How does it work and whats the cost ?

The cost for attending the night is $25.00 plus materials* 

*The materials charges are for the items you use when constructing your glaze.

  • Raw Materials
  • Oxides
  • Pigments
  • Test tiles
  • Firing
  • Biscuits
  • Containers

We strongly advise that you choose your glaze before the event and have a printed copy of your chosen glazes so that you can be organised and ready to go as soon as your space is allocated. 


1. If you operate/work at another ceramic studio in our area you will not able to attend these events. 

2. All attendees must have completed the introduction to glaze workshop, if you have not completed the workshop you will be unable to attend.

3. We request no visitors - only the persons who are permitted are to attend.