KEANES IME-3 Slip Powder 25kg
KEANES IME-3 Slip Powder 25kg

KEANES IME-3 Slip Powder 25kg

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Keane IME-3. A Mid Fire Porcelain Casting Slip formulated for cone 6.

Formulated specifically for the slip casting process IME-3 exhibits many the qualities associated with a cone 10 porcelain such as whiteness, low porosity and translucency however one only needs to fire to 1220c. The lower firing temperature adds up to reduced firing costs and reduced wear and tear on the kiln.

The deflocculation recipe is the same as J-Cast stoneware slip and casting times are fast, adequate wall thickness can be achieved in around? 5 minutes.

Ime-3 utilises the highest quality Australian materials in the formula. If you are searching for all the qualities of a porcelain slip with the benefits of mid fire temperatures then give IME-3 a try.

Upper firing limit of Cone 10. Compatible glaze Chrysanthos Mid fire Clear (HF157).