KEANES -  MID FIRE Lumina Porcelain Slip Powder 25kg

KEANES - MID FIRE Lumina Porcelain Slip Powder 25kg

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25KG Bag of Slip Powder

KEANE Lumina is a beautiful crisp white porcelain. We have used the most expensive micro-fine iron-free bentonite with the brightest firing kaolins. The result is a silky smooth white body with a glossy finish. Thin pieces will be amazingly translucent.

Casting Tips

  1. Mix the slip well with a mechanical mixer taking care not to introduce air which may appear later as pinholes in the fired object.
  2. Time how long you leave the slip to cast for consistent results.
  3. Trim the spare 10 minutes after draining the slip from the mold or as soon as the slip looses its gloss to stop the rim tearing. Use a thin cutting tool.
  4. Cast evenly, dribbles of slip or uneven wall thickness will cause distortion in the firing.
  5. Lumina?is porcelaneous, translucent and hence slightly pyroplastic at cone 6. To avoid warpage make sure your casts are even and your setters and shelves are flat.