Powdered Glaze - Satin Black Midfire 1KG

Powdered Glaze - Satin Black Midfire 1KG

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1 Kilogram bagged powdered glaze. 

The satin black midfire glaze has a beautiful hand feel. Thinner applications will provide a darker black finish and thicker applications will provide a lighter but thicker finish with some textured spotting from the iron.

Ensure that you test all products to ensure suitability for your requirements as variations in glaze application, type of clay being used, firing atmosphere as well as glaze flow/thickness can vary greatly.

  • Only to be fired at cone 5-6  1200c to 1220c 
  • Proudly made in Geelong
  • Powdered mixing glaze instructions are to be used 


Powdered Glaze Mixing Instructions