My First Kiln - 60L
My First Kiln - 60L
My First Kiln - 60L

My First Kiln - 60L

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The price quoted is for the kiln only & does not include delivery. 

The newly designed Woodrow kilns are here for 2022.

For a full comprehensive quote including delivery to your nominated address please send an email to 

Technical Specifications

Part Number: MK60
Shelf Size:  400 x 400 x 15mm
Controller Fitted: AF4 Multi-stage
Shelves Included: 2 Full
Internal Dimensions: 450 x 440 x 290mm
External Dimensions: 840 x 750 x 1600mm
Volume: 60L / 2.1 CuFt
Weight: TBC kg
Max Temp: 1295C
Education Pack: Optional

Features & Benefits

  • Australian Made Quality with local Support.
  • Exceptional Performance - Even Chamber with consistent firing results.
  • Easy to use Versatile controls allowing you to fire pottery, ceramics, glass etc.
  • Energy efficient insulation resulting in truly amazing low running costs.
  • Exceptional Design and Quality resulting in an expected life of 20+ years.
  • Friendly Support is only a phone call or email away for the life of the Kiln.

Whats Included

The basic inclusions are all provided with the kiln at the time of delivery, meaning you'll be able to start firing strait away without having the hassle and expense of finding the right sized shelves, props etc. 

  • Includes everything you need to get firing, including a set of shelves and props to suit the kiln.
  • AF4 Multi-stage Controller with Type S Thermocouple.
  • 2 x 400 x 400mm Shelves.
  • 2 Brick Bungs for the Door and Roof.
  • Integrated stand.
  • Detailed Operation and Controller Manuals written in plain English easy to follow step by step illustrated instructions.
  • Recommended firing schedule and handy wall chart.
  • Phone or Email Support to help with any questions you may have.
  • 3 Year Factory Warranty.


  • Utilises an all New Hybrid Brick insulation material.
  • This material is very similar to HEBEL block in look and feel.
  • Saves power while offering a highly durable internal lining.
  • Fan forced case ventilation ensures a low and safe kiln outer surface temperature <75C. 
  • Rust Free all aluminium frame and casing with integrated stand. 
  • Kanthal A1 Elements and k26 heavy duty brick floor. 
  • Features a Spyhole and Top Vent with heavy duty k26 machined brick bungs.
  • Door has adjustable door stops and latch to keep door seal working correctly.
  • Door seal is also designed to be replaced when elements are changed to keep a perfect seal.
  • Two stage door latch to allow the door to be popped to aid in final stages of cool down.
  • Door latch has facility to accept a padlock for added safety and security.
  • Integrated Omron Door Safety Switch isolates the Elements while the door is open without interrupting the program.


i.How fast do you want to go? Ramp (DegC/hr)
ii. What Temperature do you want to reach? Temperature (Dec C)
iii. Do you want to hold (soak) at that temp? Optional (Hr:Min)

  • You can program anywhere from 1 to 20 stages.
  • Ramps can also be down so you can controller cooling for things like glass or crystal glazes.
  • Built in 'Watch Dog' Safety circuit that prevents over firing if a relay fails.
  • Type S thermocouple which is easy to replace.
  • Solid State relays with safety contactor allows for quiet operation and long life.

Installation & Servicing 

  • All Kilns are designed to allow passage through a standard 820mm doorway (lift of kiln door may need to be removed).
  • For even tighter opening the hinges on the frame can be removed while maintaining door alignment.
  • Heavy duty lift off aluminium hinges allow the kilns door to be removed to allow for easier installation.
  • Serviceable parts and light weight design mean it's easy to install and maintain.
  • Installation is plug & play if you have the appropriate sized plug (see the 'Power and Running Cost Tab")
  • Kilns are test fired prior to leaving the factory so you're ready to start firing.
  • All key electrical components are easily replaceable on a Din Rail mount.
  • Woosdrow Kilns have a network of recommended technicians across Australia.



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