Wiring Tool ( 15cm )

Wiring Tool ( 15cm )

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Wiring Tool - 15cm wire - not including handles

* PLEASE NOTE: wiring tools supplied may have clear handles or luminous green handles 

Our wiring tools are made in house and we sell these in varying sizes, to suit the needs of your work.

Made from ultra-thin stainless wire these wiring tools work perfectly to slice through the clay easily, the luminous rubber handles are very comfortable even glow in the dark!

We love them and we hope that you do too!

Why do we make different sizes? 

If you have ever made a cup on the wheel and tried to wire it off with a 40cm long wiring tool you'll understand how you'll have to wrap the wire around your fingers several times in order to get the right length. This is very uncomfortable and also over a short period of time can distort the wire on your wiring tool, meaning that the bottom of your work can have run lines in it from the slight kinks in the wire. Using a smaller wiring tool makes it easier to handle.

We recommend that when storing your wiring tools that you leave them unwound.( extended)


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